A workshop in Madaba on youth, political parties and participation

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Madaba – Ahmed Faisal Bani Melhem

In the presence of the regional representative of the German Hans Seidel Foundation, Christoph Dofarts, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, the Arab World Center for Democratic Development held in cooperation with the German Hans Seidel Foundation – Amman Office, a workshop entitled youth, parties and political participation, in which participants representing parties and a number of young people active in Civil society institutions Director of the Arab World Center for Democratic Development Dr. Amira Mustafa mentioned that the center held a workshop on the same topic in the city of Irbid and that this second workshop in Madaba, and added that the center seeks to raise awareness and educate all Categories of society on various topics and issues, and expressed her pride in partnership with the continuous Ministry of Political Development and Parliamentary Affairs, as well as Hans Seidel Foundation German
Project director at the German Hans Seidel Foundation, Professor Ola Al-Shraideh, showed that the Foundation works in the service of democracy, peace and development. The Shura added since the foundation was established on April 11, 1967, by practicing political education with the aim of supporting democracy and civic education for people. Coach Imad Abu Saleh spoke about the concept of the party in terms of groups The political culture, as well as the importance of political parties, their composition and functions, as he spoke with the participants and reviewed the history of party political life in Jordan
Abu Saleh distributed the participants to working groups on proposed ideas for developing the reality of partisan life in Jordan, “Challenges and proposed verses for development”. They said among the challenges that women do not work in party work and the weak participation of young people, and legislation needs to transfer and endorse a political article on parties in schools and universities.
The participants added to the need to monitor and follow up the parties, and incentives that contribute to activating the party work
Also, among the challenges are the lack of financial support directed to parties, minor amendments that allow partisan work, activating the role of the media in the concept of partisan work that is not clear to people and other challenges, youth not accepting partisan work, and the family’s lack of acceptance of the children’s systems of parties, and they also called for an expanded conference to discuss this issue further
The Director of the Parties Department in the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Zaben spoke about the mechanism for establishing the political party and its formation procedures, according to the provisions of the law and the mechanism for financing political parties according to the funding system in force and talked about the new financial system that is expected to be issued during this year and also talked about Challenges and constraints facing parties and youth in general, the concept of the political party, its true role and the general situation of political parties

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