About Us

Who Are We


Our Mission is to stop Human Rights violations and promote Democracy; fundamental Freedoms & Rights in transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society.


Our Vision is a world in which government, politics, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of Human Rights Violations


  • Human Rights for All
  • Democracy
  • Justice  and Role of law
  • Transparency ; Accountability  and Integrity

Description of UniHrD

The Arab World Center for Democracy Development & Human Rights (United for Human Rights and Democracy- UniHrD), is a Jordanian officially registered as non-profit, an independent, scientific and non-governmental Organization, established by a number of activists on Democracy and Human Rights Fields, dedicated to the defence and promotion of human rights & Democracy, in Jordan and around the Arab World. Works in political neutrality to offer studies, research and training in Jordan and the Region. The Centre has successfully carried out a number of unique training workshops and conferences in the region in cooperation with other international governmental and non-governmental organizations, some of which are the International Committee on International Human Rights Law & Practice, the Andale Centre, and the Arab Institute for Human Rights, the Palestinian Workers Association and the International Workers.  In addition, the Centre has worked closely with several UN agencies, including UNOPS, UNIFEM, HansZidel Stiffing and ICRC.  Past workshop and conference topics have included Fair Trial standards, international Human Right Treaties and their Impact on National Court Rulings, gender and democratization, Child protection Campaign, tolerance values and the International Criminal Court.

UniHrD recently played host to three regional HR forums, in Jordan.  Plans for the future   include organizing similar forums in Tunis and Morocco.  The Centre has also established links with other international and regional organizations advocating issues of HR, such as   the Human Rights Information and Training Centre in Yemen, the Arab Institute for Human Rights in Tunisia, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists and the Cairo Centre for Human Rights in Egypt among others.


Goals and

UNIHRD’s Goals are to strengthen democratic values, monitor basic transformations in the field of Human Rights alongside contributing to the introduction of a change in civil society and in patterns of social and democratic upbringing. It also seeks to help in spreading and strengthening Human Rights culture in the Arab World.

UNHIRD is committed to all the criteria stated in the provisions of international and regional conventions and declarations on Human Rights issued by the UN or regional Arab organizations and Promotes international cooperation

UNIHRD seeks to achieve its goals through educational, intellectual, and cultural activities, which include theoretical and applied research and studies, the convening of conferences, seminars, workshops and study sessions, offering consultations, technical and scientific services, training courses and publishing bulletins, publications, reports and a specialized Human Rights periodical.

UNIHRD promotes access to justice and the protection of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, especially for the most vulnerable individuals and groups in society.

UNIHRD Emphasizes implementation of human rights protections by strengthening advocacy groups, supporting research and promoting outreach and education. Women’s rights and racial justice. Alongside supports the protection of refugees and the human rights of immigrants domestically and around the Arab World.

UNIHRD Seeks to help people and groups acquire, protect and improve land, water, forests, wildlife and other natural assets in ways that help reduce poverty and injustice

Of Action

  1. training of personnel official and civil organizations on the principles of democracy and human rights, sustainable development and safeguarding the legal and political foundations of the.
  2. The composition of programs, projects and information and submit it to promote democracy and human rights, sustainable development and programs relating to the resolution of disputes by peaceful means.
  3. Cooperation with the United Nations Organization and its institutions, local, Arab and international institutions concerned.
  4. study the legislation and judicial decisions for the promotion of human rights and consolidate democracy and sustainable development concepts and administrative arrangements.
  5. assist in relating to education and research related to human rights and to provide legal and social assistance to promote democracy and human rights groups for people with special guests reform and rehabilitation centers and refugee programs.
  6. work training and educational programs and the provision of legal assistance to workers and migrant workers.
  7. specialized seminars and training courses and educational conferences.
  8. Create specialized democracy, human rights and legislation and benefit from the information in this area electronic library.
  9. develop scientific and educational indicators for measuring the development of democracy and human rights.
  10. Action supplements and training manuals and educational pamphlets related to democracy, human rights and human rights and environmental rights and the role of youth and women in promoting communities.

Main Projects Of The Center

  • Pellentesque ultricies nibh
  • Information Technology Center, documentation and specialized library
  • Review and the development of legislation program
  • Family Protection Program
  • training of lawyers, journalists and educators program
  • training school and university students programs
  • theater and culture program for human rights
  • young researchers competition
  • program to help refugees and migrant workers
  • hotline project to help groups of private

Working units