An advocacy workshop to stop violence against women in Irbid

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Irbid – The Arab World Center for Democratic Development, in cooperation with the German Hans Foundation – Amman Office in the Irbid Officers Club, organized today a workshop on “Gaining support to stop violence against women”, which will last for two days
During the workshop, Dr. Al-Faouri Al-Ain talked about the importance of involving women in all political, economic and social fields, noting that women are considered an integral part of the Jordanian society
Al-Faouri added when we talk about human rights, we talk about women, and the challenges and difficulties that they face in society. They need the efforts of all members of society to stand on their side and support them continuously. From this standpoint, women need to know their rights and exercise them, and they also need a legislative, social and economic environment to exercise their role in a comfortable way. And in partnership side by side with men because the challenges are many and need to join efforts to overcome them
Dr. Haitham Al-Taani also spoke about violence against women in terms of introducing violence and its most important causes and forms, reviewing some scientific studies on the topic of violence against women, where some studies found that 70% of violence directed against women is either social or economic, and that psychological and sexual violence is The most prevalent among types of violence and by 65%
Dr. Acer Al-Qaisi dealt with the basic concepts and principles in the processes and campaigns for lobbying to stop violence against women, including explaining what is the nature of support and its nature, the importance of campaigns to gain support in defending women’s issues, specifically in the face of violence against them, in addition to the basic foundations of campaigns to gain support to stop Violence of all kinds against women in society
Al-Qaisi also talked about the strategies of the process of gaining support for facing violence against women, and about the options presented to bring about the desired change and pressure on the decision-makers in the state regarding the implementation of these changes, which are all in the interest of women and support their rights in society
On Friday, the workshop will discuss several important topics, including women’s rights in the national and international references “CEDAW”, studies and analysis of some issues of violence against women, designing advocacy campaigns and gaining support for women

Part of the speech of His Excellency the Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs
Dr. Ali Al-Khawaldeh

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