law of the right to access information A workshop in Madaba

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A representative of the Minister of Culture and Youth Dr. Muhammad Abu Rumman, Director General of the National Library Department Dr. Nidal Al-Ayasrah in Madaba sponsored the opening ceremony of the workshop held by the Arab World Center for Democratic Development in cooperation with the German Hans Seidel Foundation entitled “The Right to Access Information – Obstacles and Potentials, Right Everyone in Jordan “spoke to her and engaged with the participants throughout the day of the legal and media expert, Yahya Shukair
The delegate of the Minister, Dr. Al-Ayasrah, said during the opening session that citizens should know the nature of the information they want to obtain and the limits through which it is made available, and also talked about the law guaranteeing the right to obtain information, and that the Prime Minister directed the government to review the legislation related to obtaining information, including The law to guarantee the right to obtain information, as it withdrew the draft amendment draft in the House of Representatives, and a legal committee was formed to review the law and draft draft amendments based on the observations of civil society organizations and institutions concerned with human rights and spoke at the workshops And consulted with the participants throughout the day the expert “Shuqair” on many topics and axes, including the current law and its practical and legal restrictions, and the reforms necessary for greater freedom of information, as well as governmental challenges “obstacles and capabilities by the legislation and responsible government agencies,” confidential and non-confidential information and international agreements He explained the importance of obtaining information to reach freedom of opinion and expression, and to take a decision from several alternatives and help in economic growth, to combat corruption, reject rumors and to expose human rights violations.
The workshop also included working groups and a competition on the topic

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