The Arab world and German Zeidl hold a workshop on Challenges facing the education system in Jordan

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The Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights, in cooperation with the German Hans Sidel Foundation, held a two-day workshop on the challenges facing the educational system in Jordan and the future of education after an epidemic as a Cofeed in 1919, during which days Dr. Zakat Obeidat and Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sarhan spoke in the presence of participants from various governorates Northern Territory

Dr. Thouqan Obeidat said that we need transfers from the consumption of knowledge to its production, from facts to concepts, from certainty to economics in certainty, from professor to discipleship, from the past to the future, and from indoctrination to thinking
Dr. said. Mahmoud Al-Sarjan The principle of education is to modify the behavior of “behavior” for the better, as well as change the method of education continuously
Participants in the two-day workshop came out with a set of recommendations, including spreading a culture that accepts new learning (for parents and students), qualifying teachers at a personal level in distance learning programs, providing programs that support people with special needs, and distributing digital technology tools to students Within schools instead of systematic “paper books”, creating a distance learning infrastructure technically, integrating distance education with traditional education, and other recommendations

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