The Arab world and Hanns Seidel Foundation hold a workshop on digital literacy Irbid – 8- 9/3 / 2022

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The Arab world and Hanns Seidel Foundation hold a workshop on digital literacy


Irbid – 8- 9/3 / 2022

The Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights, in partnership with the German Hans Seidel Foundation, held a workshop entitled “Digital Literacy”, which was held in the city of Irbid, in which participants from various governorates of the Kingdom participated.

Dr. Qais Amjad Marji, and Dr. Samer Adnan Suleiman, lecturers at the University of Science and Technology, said that digital literacy and digital transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in order to bring about a fundamental change in the way of work. It serve the beneficiaries in a broader and better way, and also it is an integrated organizational transformation, with the purpose of facilitating procedures and administrative processes and raise their quality, to reach the stage of digital maturity.

They explained that digital transformation is no longer a luxury but an urgent need for the future, and there are many benefits and advantages of digital transformation, including accelerating the daily way of work, ease, speed and flexibility of implementing new services, increasing the quality and efficiency of workflow, reducing errors and spending, increasing productivity and improving products. .

During a dialogue with the participants, there were many opinions about digital transformation technologies, including cloud computing, mobile phones, Internet of things platforms, social networks, location detection technology, advanced human-machine interaction, authentication and fraud detection, smart sensors. .

The trainers also reviewed some of the benefits of digital culture, including social communication, where people were able to communicate with each other through text messages, voice calls, video calls or multimedia exchange, and the speed of communication by helping people exchange information at a high speed among themselves, from anywhere.

At the end of the workshop, the participants came out with a set of recommendations, including the importance of keeping pace with the latest technical trends through individuals or governmental and private institutions, the importance of developing ideas and working on them, and even if the importance of trying and gaining the necessary digital skills.

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