The youth minister opened the specialized training workshop entitled Rule of law our guarantee

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His Excellency Dr. Fares Braizat, Minister of Youth, opened the activities of the specialized training workshop entitled (The Rule of Law is Our Guarantee) organized by the Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights in cooperation with the Street Law Foundation at the Hilton Dead Sea Hotel and Resort
The opening included the speech of the party’s sponsor, the speech of the representative of the center, Mr. Osama Abu Khadra, the delegate of the Wall Foundation, Mr. Al-Sayyid Bin Birdu, and the delegate of the German embassy, ​​Dr. Mark Arbel, a delegate of His Excellency the German ambassador to Amman, Mrs. Zifker Eberle. After that, the conference was divided into a number of sessions, where the participants were introduced The program and the objectives of the workshop and the expected results. One of the main topics of the sessions was to discuss the concept of the rule of law, and why the rule of law must be taught, and the role of participants in the rule of law project as our guarantee. Our rule of law lessons are our guarantee, and take part in a photo montage game to view our rule of law guarantee. The sessions were presented by coach Peps Churak, coach Abab Murad and coach Ben Purdue
The conference will continue on Sunday evening to hold a number of sessions, seminars and discussion lessons. After the workshop is completed, it is expected that the participants will be able to explain the rationale for teaching the rule of law lessons, describe the content of the lessons and teach the lessons using a variety of teaching strategies, design a lesson plan, analyze and evaluate a lesson, and teach the rule of law lessons

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