Under the auspices of the Ministry of Political Affairs The Arab world,German Seidel hold a workshop

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The Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights, under the auspices of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs and in cooperation with the German Hans Seidel Foundation, held a workshop in the title: “The role of political formation institutions in raising awareness of political participation”
This workshop came within the policy of the Arab World Center and the Hans Seidel Foundation to increase awareness and education of all segments of society about issues and topics that concern and affect their daily reality, and for that reason specialists were hosted with long experience in the field

Dr. Haitham Al-Taani from the Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights, Dr. Haitham Al-Taani, in his name and on behalf of the family of the center, thanked and appreciated the German Hans Seidel Foundation for their continuous cooperation and support, in particular also the regional representative of the Foundation and the Director of Projects in the Amman office, Mrs. Ola Al-Shraideh

The speaker at the workshop, the lecturer, “The Trainer”, Dr. political science at the University of Jordan, Dr. Saleh Bani Faris thanked the Arab World Center for Democratic Development and the German Hans Seidel Foundation for this kind invitation and also thanked them for highlighting political, social and cultural issues in addition to finding appropriate solutions to them and how Addressing these problems and issues.
He said that politics is a term that is divided into two parts in Western thought. There are four directions which are politics is the art of governance – popular satisfaction, and politics is the struggle for governance – Morgenthau – Machiavelli, and politics is authoritarian influence, politics is the art of deception

He added in Muslim thought, politics has three types according to Ibn Khaldun, which are natural politics, mental politics, and legitimate politics

He mentioned the characteristics of political upbringing, a process of indoctrination of values, trends, and information of political significance, and it is an ongoing process that he is exposed to throughout his life span, and a process of transferring political culture from one generation to another, the process of political formation varies from one society to another

He talked about the importance of political upbringing as it works to develop and build the individual’s personality and deepen the direction, value and behavior of the politician, and determines the nature of the relationship between the ruler and the ruled and the strengthening of the relationship between them, and work to promote the goals and ideology of the existing political system, and to maintain the security of the political community and its active role in the process of political recruitment

At the end of the session, the participants came out with a set of recommendations, including conducting sessions related to increasing political awareness, enhancing the values ​​of moderation, tolerance and acceptance of the other, inculcating the values ​​of loyalty, belonging and national identity, activating the role of all institutions of political formation by conducting a review and evaluation of the work of each institution, activating the role of the media, and activating The role of political and social formation institutions in combating extremism, and raising awareness of the importance of political participation

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