Workshop with important recommendations about Marital dislocation and personal status law

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Participants in a workshop entitled “Marital dislocation – Jordanian Personal Status Law No. (36) for the year 2010” which was held over two days by the Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights in cooperation with the German Hans Seidel Foundation, came out with important recommendations on the topic

Speakers at the workshop, and for two days, a member of the Jordanian Senate, Dr. Nawal Al-Faouri, researcher and advisor on women’s issues, attorney Dr. Akef Al-Muhayzat on many important axes, including the social and economic effects of dislocation, dislocation between jurisprudence and law, and Jordanian Personal Status Law No. (36) of 2010 and the financial rights that It includes Marital dislocation, cases of Marital dislocation ‘in Jordan, “numbers and statistics”, and Marital dislocation’ in the Personal Status Law, a guarantee of women’s rights or an increase in their suffering.
At the beginning and end of the workshop, the speakers thanked and appreciated the Arab World Center and the German Hans Seidel Foundation for their support and holding such important workshops, and according to their talk, such workshops are considered the most urgent need

During the discussion, dialogue, and “mini” working groups, the participants mentioned some of the effects of the Marital dislocation procedures and were divided into three sections: the effects (psychological, social, and economic). The psychological effects include the shaking of children’s personality, family disintegration, psychological trauma, reluctance to marry, emotional disturbances, and defamation of the woman who asked for Marital dislocation , And lack of confidence in the husband’s institution.
The social effects, including widening the circle of disagreement between the families of the spouses, the emergence of negative social phenomena (begging / school dropout / drugs / bullying / crime), the increase in the number of fines and the exploitation of their circumstances, and the negative impact on the upbringing of the future generation, and the economic effects of increasing the economic cost to those who require Dislocation, the negative economic impact on all family members and the workplace, and increasing the burden on the relevant international institutions

The participants came out with a set of important recommendations, including mandatory pre-marriage training courses, activating the role of preventive and therapeutic family protection, amending and activating legislation, eradicating legal illiteracy, providing rehabilitation programs for women who requested divorce, activating the role of civil society institutions involved in the topic, and activating the role of preachers and preachers To the Ministry of Awqaf

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