Young people from different universities come up with recommendations about university violence

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The Arab World Center for Democratic Development and Human Rights, in cooperation with the German Hans Seidel Foundation – Amman Office in Madaba Governorate, held a workshop on university violence, in which a sociology doctor at the University of Jordan, Ola Al-Swalqa, and the head of the Training Department at the Community Peace Center Dr. Omar Al-Khalayleh, spoke, with the participation of university students From various public and private universities

During the opening session, Dr. Haitham Al-Taani welcomed, on behalf of the family of the Arab World Center, the participants and speakers in the sessions, and presented the participants with the themes of the workshop sessions over two days, and stressed the importance of interaction during the workshop

Dr. Al-Swalqa emphasized at the beginning of her speech the importance of informing everyone about the code of conduct and reading it well, and indicated the importance of promoting a culture of dialogue
She stated that some “home” families were raised on violence from a young age
He focused on the importance of good upbringing, and called on those who want to marry to the importance of good upbringing because it reflects on the family and society in general
Dr. Al-Khalayleh during the second day of the workshop talked about the concept of societal violence, the types of violence, the causes of violence, treatment and recommendations: through the cultural, social, legislative, and religious aspects
As a review of the results of some scientific studies that dealt with the subject of societal violence, the impact of technological development and social media on societal violence (positive and negative) with recommendations and solutions, university violence, and the role of the family in addressing societal violence

Over the course of two days, the participants came out with a set of recommendations, including raising awareness through social media skills
And also to give the status of judicial security for university security, to tighten penalties for people who cause societal violence, to intensify awareness programs for all groups of society, to ban websites and pages that incite violence, and to spread hate speech

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